Je Ne Sais Quoi

With soft, olive skin, mysterious hazel eyes, wavy brown hair, and a warm smile, my physical qualities are truly unique. I offer comfort, patience, and understanding driven by a passion to please.  My wit, confidence and adventurous personality ensure that our time together will be intriguingly stimulating, intellectually and physically. I am your companion, intimate outlet, and genuine friend.


The Erotic Review



Day & night, masculine & feminine: The Unforgettable Experience. To describe the experience I provide to you with acronyms is futile. I crave the intense anticipation that flows through me as I imagine the moment our eyes first connect.

Balance is key to success in all that we do. I see myself as an experience of 'Ultimate Passion', not labeled with the stereotypes of being a GFE or a PSE companion. I see to it that my daily habits are well balanced in all areas of my life so that i am able to embrace every moment with the company I choose to keep to deliver guaranteed satisfaction to your indivdual expectations.

I strive for versatility. I turn fantasy into reality. The gift of having an open mind allows me to appreciate & enjoy every second of the experience YOU provide for me. 



I came across this interesting read the other day. Wanted to share it: 


    "Escorts incur travel costs, parking fees and other expenses to just arrive at an outcall appointment. Additionally, they have expenses associated with their marketing efforts, the upkeep of a mobile phone and clothing and lingerie costs. They use their time to communicate with clients to set up bookings and spend time preparing for encounters.

Escorts work hard for their money. Many clients think that all an escort has to do is to show up and get paid. But, so much more goes into that. Escorts spend a lot of time working to make themselves beautiful for clients. Hair, make-up and dressing “just right” is not easy. It takes time and effort. Additionally, she must be a tremendously talented actress to adjust her personality and actions accordingly for each client’s preferences. She works hard to both physically and mentally to please clients, with her witty conversation and sexual prowess. Because some encounters are so demanding, escorts charge rates to adequately compensate themselves.

Escorts are sharing something very personal with clients. The gesture of her intimacy is invaluable. She is sharing her soul and body with a client. It’s one of the most special things she can share with a person and she believes should be compensated well for it. Many escorts open themselves up to clients in ways they never do in real life. They become vulnerable to clients, and that costs a price.

Clients pay for discretion. Sure, a man can have a one-night stand with a hottie in the bar. But, he’s not guaranteed that she won’t call him 12 times the next day or show up unexpectedly to demand a relationship. A one-night stand does not ensure discretion. But, an encounter with an escort does. It’s a chance for no-strings attached fun, without the worry of having to deal with her later. There are no promises for future involvement. And, it’s a sure thing that she won’t be calling late at night for a booty call, interrupting a date with a spouse. Escorts charge a price for their talents and discretion. It’s definitely worth it." 


- Unknown 



One Hour                       400

Ninety Minutes                550

 Three Hours                  1000

 Twelve Hours                 3000

 Twenty Four Hours         5000


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Explination of Rates 

1.  I charge based on beauty. With great looks and an exotic appeal, professional makeup and carefully selected clothes, I am charging for my sex appeal. I have that aspect nailed therefore charge a higher fee for my time.

2.   My rates are proportional to experience. Experience in the industry counts for a lot. I capitalize on it. Knowing how to finesse clients, build them up and satisfy them takes time to develop. As I have worked my way up in the field, i charge higher rates. My experience allows me more opportunities to gather positive feedback. 

3.   My other qualities increase my worth. I am educated and well cultured. I have exceptional communication skills and understand how to treat a client to make him finaly feel what he deserves - his fantasy.

4. My personality is flexible, so I can provide any client with an experience that is fitting to his desires. All in all, versatility and intuition are the quality skills I apply to each individual client. 







*If you are a member of P411, please send your appointment request through your membership site to expedite the screening process.

*I check for requests Monday through Thursdays. Screening needs to be verified and details confirmed before 10pm Thursday for Reservations Friday through Sundays.



No blocked numbers. No text messages.

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